Why use FileMaker as your low-code tool of choice?

There are many low-code tools to choose from when wanting to build an application for your business. Here are the reasons we believe FileMaker belongs at the top of your list. With the right set of tools, you can build a business application that is easy to maintain and scalable, which will save you time and money.

The most common reason to use FileMaker is because it makes creating or maintaining a business application a breeze. This is particularly important given how our environment is changing at an ever faster pace.

The other benefit of this tool is its flexibility when it comes to managing multiple applications on the same platform. There are lots of resources available, some of them for free. FileMaker is not a one trick pony, add a new application on your server, and you can end up with many power-tools side-by-side.

So here are the things we believe make FileMaker rise to the top.

FileMaker is easy to use

Data entry is very easy, with a number of things that can make inputting data a breeze. Out of the box, the product gives you a powerful search engine, letting you handle even the most complex search criteria you may be dealing with. Once you add to this some basic concepts to let you customize the fields you have in a record and the relationships it has with other entities, you can put together a system that is tailored to your own business environment. Arranging the objects on screen is very easy using the drag and drop editor.

No need to go all out from day one. Small steps are key to your success here, and FileMaker has you covered: you can build your business application in a way that allows you to scale easily and without any additional investment. With FileMaker, you can quickly add new functionality to your business application and focus on what is most important to you.

You can build your business application with a low-code approach that allows for low-cost development. The flexibility of FileMaker allows for a block of code to be written once and reused over and over again. This means that instead of writing complex modules one at a time, you only have to write one block of code and can reuse it over and over again.

Let’s not forget, FileMaker can also integrate with other systems. You do not have to re-invent the wheel, simply connect to other systems you rely on to tap onto this wealth of information.

FileMaker has an intuitive interface which is easy to learn — saving time from having to type instructions into its interface multiple times each day!

FileMaker runs on many devices

FileMaker is a flexible tool with all the bells and whistles needed to make your life easier. Getting started with FileMaker is simple, too.

FileMaker obviously runs on your desktop, and it is cross-platform with both Windows and Mac. It also runs natively on iPad and iPhone, and that is no surprise when we know that Claris, its manufacturer, is an Apple company. You can also run it in a web browser via WebDirect, so you can access it from just about any device.

FileMaker does not restrict you

Number of user accounts, number of tables, number of fields, number of records, database size, etc. A lot of vendors use those metrics to sell you only part of their platform, asking you to upgrade to have access to all the features. They give you just enough for things to be interesting and as you start using the product, you quickly bump into one of those limits that are meant to get more money from you. With FileMaker, there is no such thing: you get access to all the features, and you are not limited by artificial restrictions meant to tease you into something you will quickly outgrow.

FileMaker can be extended with plugins and add-ons

FileMaker has changed over the years, much like any other software. Every new release keeps adding features. Still, some features cater only to a specific audience and may not be available natively in the product. For this, like many other products, FileMaker relies on plugins and add-ons. Some are available for free, others are paid products that you add to your FileMaker deployment. Alongside FileMaker, they fill the gap for some of those specific situations you may find yourselves in and could not implement natively.

FileMaker can run in the cloud or on premise

The cloud has a lot to offer, but for some, having their server on premise is simply not negotiable. FileMaker understands that. You can run it on your own server or in the cloud. This way, you can comply with internal rules or even regulations that requires for your data to be stored in a given fashion.

FileMaker can run even without an internet connection

The software ecosystem for building a business application is vast. The internet is often a primary part of it. However, there are also many use cases where an internet connection is simply not part of the landscape.

You can design an application that will live locally on a device, most frequently a laptop, iPhone or iPad, and will sync its data with the system on your server once the user establishes a connection to it. This is ideal for any type of field service work: inspections, installations, sales agents, etc.

FileMaker is secure

FileMaker has very granular security settings, letting you define what can be done or accessed by any group of users. You can also rely on external authentication or even implement two-factor authentication. FileMaker can encrypt your data so even in the event someone were to put their hands on your data (ransomware anyone?), the person could simply not use the data without your encryption key.

FileMaker is reliable

FileMaker is an amazing piece of software that is used by many SMB businesses who want to build their business applications. If your application design is sound, you can expect that software to be the energizer bunny of your business applications (it keeps going and going…).

FileMaker has an established community

FileMaker is a fantastic tool when it comes to creating a business application. The ability to build your own custom system that can scale up with your company’s growth, user base and revenue has made FileMaker a go-to tool in the world of software development.

It is relatively simple to begin using FileMaker today, but over the years, it has grown into a powerful tool for developers.

One of the key advantages of FileMaker is that there are lots of online tutorials available online that teach you everything you need to know about building your business applications. Should you be stuck on anything, you can simply ask the community, where you are sure to be getting an answer.

FileMaker has many partners worldwide

FileMaker is popular with developers and low-code fans alike. It lets you achieve results faster and that is key to keeping costs down, reacting faster to your environment and adding more functionality to your system. For anyone who needs to put things on the fast lane, there are more than 1500 partners worldwide to assist you with anything you may want to achieve. Those are businesses who built their practice around FileMaker, knowing it can pack a lot of punch, and that being backed by Apple and having achieved more than 80 consecutive profitable quarters, Claris knows that market very well and will remain part of the landscape for the foreseeable future.

FileMaker has lots of learning opportunities

FileMaker is a platform that allows companies to build their own business applications. Its feature set make it extremely easy for developers and users alike to build business applications quickly, much faster than with some competing products.

Like with anything, your mileage may vary, and there is a learning curve for everyone, but there are many learning opportunities: Claris has its own online academy, there’s been many books to assist newcomers on their learning path and there are obviously paid offerings for those who want to look into those. As for Accolade Plus Accolade, we offer one-on-one coaching that applies directly to your situation. If that can be helpful, simply let us know, and we will look into the details with you.

All these things make FileMaker stand out as a powerful product that can be used by many different types of businesses around the world. But what really sets FileMaker apart from other similar products is its ease of implementation and its relative simplicity compared to other platforms.


1. FileMaker is a true multi-platform solution that works on Windows, OS X, iOS as well as Web browsers.

2. It is simple to leverage – you don’t need any tools or development knowledge to start using FileMaker!

3. The FileMaker interface is intuitive, with straightforward screens that make it easy for anyone to design business applications.