Why such a name?

Let us explain…

Accolade Plus Accolade. In French, an accolade is a gesture where two friends embrace each other, a symbol of mutual appreciation. It is something that cannot be done alone. The same word is also used to designate the curly brackets so often used when programming. In English, the word comes from a ceremony to confer knighthood, from a time when monarchs and knights would both be on the battlefield. Over time, the word transformed to mean praise or award, not something easily granted.

Accolade Plus Accolade is symmetrical  on purpose. It says projects are to be done together, amongst partners who are alike and complete each other. Our name is our essence, it defines us, the way we think, the way we do things.

Our Philosophy

Think about the customer first

Like in chess, protect the king. All plans are worthless if we lose sight of this one simple rule.

Always keep learning

Things are changing faster than ever. In this context inaction means going backwards. Partnering with us, you can keep looking forward.

Trust is what really matters

We value your trust above everything else. It really is the only currency. No one wants to partner with someone they cannot trust.

Communication is everything...

Everything is communication!

Did we mention our certifications?